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A work injury is any injury that occurs while at work. These accidents and incidents include any injuries sustained while doing work for your employer, and while away from your job too. A good example might be a car accident that causes you to suffer a broken arm and a concussion. If the incident occurred because you were in your personal vehicle but doing an errand for your employer, your employer is responsible for your medical bills as well as other costs. 

The federal government holds employers responsible for the health and safety of all employees. If you have any concerns over some of the duties you do on the job and do not feel safe, you can contact the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for help. Better known as OSHA, this agency will investigate claims against employers and can fine those employers for violations. OSHA also prohibits employers from acting in a retaliatory manner against those who spoke out. Your supervisor cannot legally cut back on your hours or fire you because you filed a complaint. In addition to contacting OSHA, you may find it helpful to work with a work injury law firm, such as Valet Law. It is also beneficial to learn more about workplace accidents and injuries to see if you think you have a case.

What Qualifies as a Work Injury?

If you think you have a case, you will want to know what qualifies as a work injury. Obvious injuries such as a broken arm or leg, or an injury from machinery are not listed here. Some of the most frequent injuries that happen at the workplace include:
  • Exposure to Noise: If you work in a factory, a manufacturing facility or any type of industrial job, you may suffer from noise exposure. Even if you have earplugs to protect your ears, there is still a chance that your hearing may decline as a result of constant exposure to those noises.
  • Muscle Sprains and Strains: Any time that you move unexpectedly, you risk straining or spraining a muscle. These injuries are common in those who sit or stand for long periods of time. The damage can worsen because you continue performing the same duties too.
  • Concussions: A concussion can occur because a heavy object strikes your head, which can happen when other workers do not adequately secure items on a shelf or in a storage area. You can also hit your head during a fall and suffer a concussion.
  • Slip and Falls: Your employers are responsible for maintaining a clean work area for all employees. You can slip and fall because of a wet floor that no one marked or because you tripped over something on the ground. Such falls can result in broken bones and other injuries.
  • Exposure to Toxic Materials: Some employees may also need help from a work injury lawyer because their employers exposed them to toxic substances. Your employer must notify you of those materials and take steps to ensure your safety.
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries: Another common type of work injury is something called a repetitive stress injury. One example is carpal tunnel syndrome, which typically affects cashiers and administrative workers. Those employees regularly perform the same actions such as typing on a keyboard or handling money. The constant motion of doing the same activity over and over again can cause injuries making it difficult and painful for you to use your hands. Nerve damage can also occur.
Do you have a case? It is always best to contact Tom Valet, explain your injury and let him determine if you are entitled to any compensation. Do not assume anything, and be especially cautious if your employer offers you some form of compensation, even as little as a few days off.
Top Rated Attorney for Work Injuries in Manhattan and Suffolk County, Long Island New York
What are Your Legal Rights?

Talking with a work injury attorney is the best way to find out what your legal rights are after suffering an injury at work. You have the legal right to make an appointment with your doctor and to talk about the treatment options for your condition. Employers cannot legally stop you from seeking medical help.

As soon as the incident occurs, you can request that a supervisor write up an incident report that documents what has happened. The employer cannot stop you from visiting the emergency room or prevent you from calling an ambulance for help.

Employers can require that your doctor write a note that stating you are ready to go back to work again. Many companies may demand a letter from the doctor that lists the exact date that an employee can return. You also have the legal right to fight back against employers who refuse to accept your diagnosis and employers who will not let you have time off to get the treatments that you need.
Tom Valet NYC Personal Injury Lawyer in NYC wins $1.6 Million Jury Verdict for Spinal Injury from Crash Caused By Illegal U-Turn
$1.6 Million Jury Verdict for Spinal Injury from Crash Caused By Illegal U-Turn

In this case Tom's client was a 39 year old woman who was hit by a truck making an illegal u-turn. She suffered an injury to her back and had difficulty walking normally. Summary judgment was granted on liability.  

Although summary judgment was granted, the case was defended on the ground that the client was exaggerating her injuries. The defense attempted to introduce videotape evidence obtained from Facebook of my client singing and dancing.  

However, Tom was able to demonstrate to the Court that the defense could not authenticate the videotapes and could not verify that the videos were taken after the date of her accident and not before. The Court ruled in my client’s favor and the videotapes were excluded from the trial. The jury returned a verdict of $1.6 million.
Employee Compensation

After a workplace injury, you have the right to seek compensation. Many employees do not understand their rights and will do whatever their employers safe without considering how they can get help from a work injury law firm. During your appointment with the law firm, the work injury attorneys will go over some of the compensation that you can seek, which may include:
  • Paid Time Off: One thing you can request is paid time off. The injury may prevent you from working the rest of your shift, the next few shifts, or miss an extended period. As the employer was responsible for your injury, the employer is often responsible for giving you paid time off until you recover and finish your treatments.
  • Medical Bill Coverage: Medical bill coverage is something else that you can request. If you were in a car accident and wound up in the hospital, the insurer of the responsible driver would step up and cover your medical bills. The insurer of your company should do the same thing.
  • Lost Wages: If you need to take significant unpaid time off, you can request that your employer pay you those wages. This provides you with income that covers your bills until you can go back to work again.
  • Rewards for Disabilities: If you are severely injured on the job, you may be eligible for rewards that compensate you for the rest of your life.
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Do not assume that your employer will be upfront with you after you suffer an injury at work. You can turn to an experienced and well respected work injury attorney like Tom Valet to find out more about your legal rights and to get help getting compensation. Our attorneys can represent you in front of your employer's insurer and during courtroom proceedings in front of a judge too, if needed

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