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An automobile accident, otherwise known as a car accident, motor vehicle accident, or traffic collision occurs when a motor vehicle hits or bangs another vehicle, immobile object, animal or pedestrian.

Automobile accidents have serious repercussions, including injury, property damage, and death, all of which can be financially compensated. Under car accident law, when an individual is responsible for an automobile accident in the U.S., they may be legally responsible for injuries and damages that result from the accident. Damages include loss of wages, reimbursement of medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Car accident laws call attention to the legal rules that determine who is liable for the property and personal damage that are caused from a traffic accident. This subject of law includes the principles of negligence as it applies to car accident personal injuries cases. Car accident cases where negligence law applies are regulated mostly by state laws.

In order to receive court-awarded compensation, car accident victims in all states must prove the following essential four elements: duty, breach, causation, and harm. In addition, the plaintiff must also be able to demonstrate these elements as a whole related to his or her injuries.

To assist with proving his or her case, the plaintiff should make notes of as many of the details of the accident as possible, including the other driver's address, name, insurance, and license number. In addition, it is also important to note any statements made by the other driver. The accident victim should also write down the name of the police officer, and request copies of the police reports.

Recording devices, such as a smart phone, are a great way to record various details of the accident, such as road descriptions, weather conditions, traffic, and photographs of the motor vehicle. If possible, the victim should also use a video recorder to record the accident scene from various angles, including locations of traffic signs and crosswalks etc.

It is also important that the victim seeks medical attention immediately following the accident, even if there appears to be no prominent injuries. Sometimes car accident injuries do not become noticeable until later, at which time if they are not documented, they will become harder to prove, which means the victim may forfeit his or her right to be compensated for personal injuries.

Again, it is important to prove how each element of the defendant's actions worked together successively to cause your injuries in order to be awarded in court, which can be difficult to prove, especially under certain circumstances. A NYC Car Accident Attorney like Tom Valet is highly experienced in automobile accident cases and can provide the proper assistance needed to help strengthen your case. In the meantime, it is important to remain silent about who is to blame for the accident, as even a simple apology can be used as an admission in court.
Tom Valet NYC Car Accident Attorney in Manhattan New York Wins $1.6 Million Dollar Verdict for Back Injury from Auto Accident
$1.6 Million Verdict for Back Injuries in Automobile Accident

In this case the client was injured by a box truck which made an illegal u-turn. She suffered lower back injuries. The defense admitted the driver caused the accident, but asserted that the plaintiff was exaggerating the extent of her injuries. During the trial of the action, the defense attempted to introduce evidence it had obtained from social media sites on the internet. Tom was able to challenge the authenticity of this evidence, which was excluded from the trial. 

The jury returned a verdict in plaintiff’s favor for $1.6 million.
Automobile Accidents Involving Negligence

Negligence is a principle often used in car accident cases, meaning that the at-fault driver behaved in a careless manner, which caused harm to another individual. An individual can be negligent by performing an action that she or he should not have done, such as speeding, or by neglecting to do something she or he should have done, such as using the turn signals when making a turn.

Under the negligence theory, a driver must be cautious to prevent injuring anyone that she or he comes in contact with on the road, including pedestrians, other motorists, and passengers etc. Furthermore, drivers have a legal responsibility to follow the rules of the road and to utilize their vehicles in a sensible manner, which means observing traffic signals, driving a safe speed, maintaining control, and using blinkers, and headlights etc. If a driver is not heedful and harms someone as a result, the driver is legally responsible for damages to the victim.

However, just because the defendant had a responsibility to operate his or her car in a certain manner, and it has been proven that the defendant violated that duty, the court will not assume those circumstances caused the plaintiff's injuries. Hence, the plaintiff must prove the element of causation.

The element of causation relates behavior with a resulting effect, which in this case would be the victim's injuries. An Auto Accident Lawyer NYC can bring in medical testimony to demonstrate how the injuries are constant with the nature of the automobile accident to assist with your case.

Some Common Causes of Automobile Accident Cases

NYC Auto Accident Lawyer Thomas Valet specializes in a variety of automobile accident cases. Some of the most common causes of automobile accident cases include:
  • Tailgating The majority of traffic codes require a driver to stay a sensible length behind the car in front. When a driver is insensible and follows too close behind the car in front, when the car in front makes a sudden stop, the driver that is following too close behind can not come to a stop quick enough, resulting in a car accident. When a driver's negligence results in his or her hitting a car from behind, the innocent party has a legal right to compensation for your injuries and related costs, also known as damages.
  • Speeding Driving faster than what is considered safe for the road conditions is considered speeding, no matter what the posted speed limit displays. Speeding is one of the major causes of car accidents in the U.S. By law, drivers have a responsibility to drive at a sensible speed. An individual who drives at a speed that is unreasonable in lieu of existing road visibility, traffic, and other hazardous conditions may be negligent. In fact, even driving at the speed limit can be considered neglect if visibility is low, weather is bad, or the circumstances necessitates particular precaution.
  • Driver Inattention Cell phone usage, texting, playing with a GPS device or a music player, putting on makeup, eating, looking into the back seat to check on young children, and looking away from the road are frequent causes of driver distraction. Many states have "distracted driving laws" that prohibit any distraction activity while driving. Furthermore, when a driver violates his or her obligation of care, such as taking his or her eyes off the road, resulting in a car accident, it is considered a negligent act; therefore, the innocent party has a legal right to compensation for injuries.
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