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Personal Injury Lawyers NYC - Thomas Valet - Free Consultation

Personal Injury Lawyers NYC - Thomas Valet - Free Consultation

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Personal injury cases are legal arguments that emerge when an individual suffers from harm as a result of an injury or accident caused by someone else who may be legally liable for the damage. Under personal injury law, the hurt individual is able to go to civil court and receive a legal solution for the sum losses incurred from the incident.

The intention of the personal injury process is to enable the injured individual to be "restored" through financial compensation after the individual has suffered injury as a result of another person's intentional or careless act. Personal injury law is a "tort action;" therefore, it involves a private plaintiff pursuing compensation for the injury caused by the defendant's action, rather than the defendant being prosecuted by the government.

Personal injuries include damage to the body or mind, negative infliction of emotional distress, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
Tom Valet NYC Personal Injury Lawyer in Manhattan New York wins $850,000 Settlement for Leg Injury After Being Hit By An MTA Bus
$850,000 Settlement for Leg Injury After Being Hit By An MTA Bus

Tom's client was walking home from school in Queens and entered the crosswalk with the light in her favor. An MTA Bus making a turn failed to see her and ran over her left foot causing a crush injury.  
The defense, in this case, was that the bus was already turning when my client entered the cross-walk and that she walked into the side of the bus. Tom performed a thorough investigation of the case, and the key was identifying and obtaining statements from several witnesses to the incident. Tom was able to secure the driver’s employment file, over the objections of the defense, which showed that he had been cited several ties for prior traffic violations. As a result, Tom Valet was able to develop a case that led to a settlement at the trial of $850,000.
Personal Injury Cases Involving Negligence

The majority of personal injury cases are built on the principle of negligence. In theory, negligence necessitates each member of society to behave responsibly to avoid putting others in danger. An example of negligence is an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver. In this case, the responsible party neglected to acknowledge the risk poised to others, resulting in an individual being injured.

The principle recognizes that some accidents are unpreventable and that negligence is not always to blame when a person is injured. To establish responsibility, the plaintiff must prove that a reasonably sensible individual in the alleged responsible party's position would have behaved differently under similar circumstances. In cases of personal injury involving negligence, the plaintiff must prove:
  • The defendant or defendants had a responsibility to the plaintiff
  • The defendant or defendants failed to honor that responsibility
  • The defendant or defendants caused the plaintiff's injuries
  • The plaintiff has suffered damages as a result 
Once the plaintiff has established negligence in a personal injury case, the defendant must compensate the plaintiff for the total injuries caused by the defendant's conduct. The plaintiff may also seek punitive damages, which are meant to punish and deter particularly shameful behavior.

When initiating a tort action, certain damages may be difficult to calculate, such as loss of earning power or emotional distress, in which case your NYC Personal Injury Attorney, Tom Valet, can bring in expert testimony to establish value. In addition, identifying the proper defendants can sometimes prove difficult because the individual who directly caused the damage may not have the wherewithal to pay a sizable judgement; however, your personal injury attorney can identify and sue additional parties who are responsible based on their relationship to the defendant, such as an employer or landlord.
Tom Valet NYC Personal Injury Lawyer in NYC wins $1.6 Million Jury Verdict for Spinal Injury from Crash Caused By Illegal U-Turn
$1.6 Million Jury Verdict for Spinal Injury from Crash Caused By Illegal U-Turn

In this case Tom's client was a 39 year old woman who was hit by a truck making an illegal u-turn. She suffered an injury to her back and had difficulty walking normally. Summary judgment was granted on liability.  

Although summary judgment was granted, the case was defended on the ground that the client was exaggerating her injuries. The defense attempted to introduce videotape evidence obtained from Facebook of my client singing and dancing.  

However, Tom was able to demonstrate to the Court that the defense could not authenticate the videotapes and could not verify that the videos were taken after the date of her accident and not before. The Court ruled in my client’s favor and the videotapes were excluded from the trial. The jury returned a verdict of $1.6 million.
Common Examples of Personal Injury Cases

Tom Valet, one of the highest rated Personal Injury Lawyers NYC, specializes in a variety of personal injury cases. Some of the most common personal injury cases include:
  • Medical Malpractice - Medical malpractice refers to an act of negligence by a medical professional that causes the death or injury of a patient. Under personal injury law, once the plaintiff has established the medical professional had a legal obligation to the plaintiff and that this obligation was violated by inaction or incorrect action on the professional's behalf and that as a result the plaintiff was injured due to the medical professional's actions, the injured party may sue and collect damages for medical malpractice.Damages will include lost wages, future lost wages, reimbursement of medical expenses, and pain and suffering.
  • Automobile Accidents - If you are the innocent party in a car accident, under personal injury law, you can collect damages for the injuries, including damage to your car, lost wages, loss of future wages, and perhaps emotional pain and suffering. To be able to collect damages for the injuries, certain information must be provided, including all of the names and information for drivers and witnesses, as well as the information for police officers that responded to the scene of the accident. In addition, injuries to the driver and any damage to the car should be recorded. The injured driver should also keep records of all medical expenses to be reimbursed in the lawsuit. And finally, if one driver initially claims responsibility for the accident, it should be duly noted, as well. Automobiles include cars, passenger vehicles, and taxicabs.
  • Defective Products - A defective product will result in a product liability case, which is a type of personal injury case. Under personal injury law, a plaintiff may sue a manufacturer for damages if she or he is harmed by a defective product. A product may be defective due to various factors, including a manufacturing defect, a design defect, or a failure of the manufacturer to warn. A manufacturing or design defect typically originates from some kind of glitch in the design or making of the said product. Failure to warn alludes to negligence on the manufacturer's behalf, because the manufacturer neglected to take precautionary steps and alert consumers of possible risks associated with the said product. In order for the plaintiff to collect damages, she or he must prove they used the product in the correct manner; however, some product liability cases are considered strict liability, which means the manufacturer will be responsible for damages whether or not the manufacturer was negligent. As an experienced NYC Personal Injury Lawyer, Attorney Thomas Valet can sort through the details of your product liability claim and determine if indeed the product in question is considered defective by law, or if it is a case of strict liability, where the manufacture is responsible for damages.
  • Workplace Injuries - An injury suffered in an individual's workplace environment is categorized as a workplace personal injury case. To win a workplace injury case, the plaintiff must prove the injury occurred on the premises of the employer and that it is directly related to the working conditions or exposure to hazardous substances. Furthermore, it must be evidenced by the plaintiff that the employer failed to take the necessary measures to try to safeguard the plaintiff. Compensation will include future earnings, lost wages, reimbursement for medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Injuries include damages from an accident, such as construction accidents, slip, and fall, or a sickness that is caused by the workplace surroundings. Under personal injury law, psychological conditions that occur from intense stress working conditions may also be open to legal action.
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